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                                                     Highline Property Owners Association  
    The Highline Property Owners Association Website was created for Highline Property Owners, Vacation Renters, and Visitors.  We hope you find it to be informative, current and accurate. We suggest, if owning property or renting a vacation home in Highline, that you visit the "Community Information" page for information and instructions on emergency contact numbers, parking, trash, propane etc.  We will quickly answer any concerns, questions or suggestions when emailed through the "Contact Us" page.
Thank  you for your visit!
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~ 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes ~
Hello Highline Members,
The Board held their Quarterly Board Meeting on Saturday 22, 2022. The 2021 Annual Members Meeting Minutes were approved and posted on the "Meeting Minutes" navigational link on the left. Please send all communication to the Directors and Manager through the "Contact Us" link to be assured a timely response.
Thank you,
Highline Board of DIrectors

~ 2022 Updates ~
Hello Highline Members,
The Association held their 2021 Annual Members Meeting on Nov. 20, 2021, 10 A.M. It was a very productive meeting. The 2022 Budget was adopted. There will be a 10% increase in the 2022 dues to keep up with inflation and the rising costs of trash removal.  Your invoices will be mailed on Dec 31, and due on Jan. 31, 2022.
Congratulations and thank you to the newly elected Directors, Rick McClanahan and Al Carballo for volunteering to serve another 3 year term.     
May you all have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Highline POA Board of DIrectors

~ What's Going On in Highline POA and Deep Creek Lake ~
Please review Highline's Architectural guidelines prior to making any exterior changes, including, but is not limited to, paving, landscaping, lighting, tree removal, painting, roofing, adding a structure (fence, fire pit, basketball hoop, etc.) on your property. The forms are located in the "Important Documents" Navigational Link.
  Deed of Easement
The Association obtained an easement from the Wisp Mountain Master Association to erect a new entranceway sign at the upper corner of Wisp Mountain Road and Sundance Way. The cost for the project is located on the "Financial" Navigational link.
Services and Contractors
Highline POA would like your references for local services and contractors that you use for lawn care, painting, repairs,ect. to help build a webpage for other members looking for similar services.  Please send references to "Contact Us" Navigation page.

Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging Services LLC.
Each Highline owner is entitled to a complimentary “Quick Home Energy Checkup” through Potomac Edison and the EmPower MD surcharge which includes a qualitative energy evaluation and various installed energy saving products. 
Typically, each property is allowed up to 14 complimentary LED bulbs of varying shapes, lumens etc. But for a limited time, we are offering up to 20 LED’s (at my expense) as a customer appreciation special! 
Below is a brief explanation of the promotion that you can share with your property owners.
Thank you for considering this valuable opportunity for your home owners.
All the best,

W. Mark Watkins, Owner 
Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging Services LLC.
BPI, Building Science Professional

Off season special for vacation rental properties.
Schedule before December 21st 2017 and receive up to 20 LED energy star light bulbs, installed! Several shapes and sizes available through Hot Shotz Thermal Imaging Services LLC. This is a one-time complementary service to Potomac Edison customers, funded through the EmPower MD surcharge as seen on everyone’s electric bill. The LED’s and other installed energy saving products will help lower electric bills and the surcharge. Non-rental properties still receive up to 14 LED’s according to program guidelines. Sign up on line: http://www.hotshotzinspections.com/ or call 240-321-5050

~ COVID-19 and Rental Homes ~
Adherence to Garrett County Directives and HOA Rules and Regulations Related to Vacation Rental Properties:
-All Members must adhere to the County’s latest in effect directives related to vacation rental properties.
These directives can be found on the Garrett County website. garrettcounty.org  ( COVID-19 RESOURCES AND INFORMATION --- May 14, 2020- Stage One Roadmap to Recovery in Garrett County).
-All Members who rent their units must provide these Covid-19 rules along with other HOA rules and regulations to their renters.
The Believe In Tomorrow Children's Foundation provides exceptional hospital and respite housing services to critically ill children and their families.  The Foundation has two homes in Highline POA offering families a time to be together during a child’s medical crisis, so the gentle cadence of normal family life can help influence the healing process.
Families gathering together in the two "Believe in Tomorrow" homes
in Highline Property Owners Association this August.

~ Upgrade of Internet Service ~
State Funding Awards to Expand Broadband to 1,383 Garrett Addresses
Several grant awards, totaling over $1.7 million, approved by the Maryland Board of Public Works will be used to expand local broadband infrastructure to over 1,300 local addresses.
The awards are from the Maryland Governor’s Office of Rural Broadband through the state Department of Housing & Community Development and are split into five separate projects. The details were announced Friday, May 22 by Governor Hogan’s office.
For the first three projects, Garrett County received a combined $704,000. With this funding, the county will partner with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on projects to extend existing networks to incorporate underserved or unserved households.
Garrett County was the grant applicant and will also serve as the manager for each grant award.
These three awards, in particular, will serve an additional county 459 addresses, including 6 businesses and 25 farm businesses, with access to broadband service:
·       Procom ($384,657 project cost) – 102 households, plus 6 businesses
·       QCOL ($403,399.55 project cost) – 137 households, plus 25 farm businesses
·       NeuBeam ($350,000 project cost) – 195 households
In May 2021, with the funds provided by the State and local government, Procom began installing the fiber optics in Highline I. The completion of the project could take up to one year.  Owners need to contact Procom to get connected. Contact information- email:   lsisler189@msn.com or call 304-379-5276.
During the installation, properties have been disrupted. Procom has provided answers to the following questions:
1.      When will the outside work be complete? 
Procom: We have a year to complete but hope to have network completed by December. 2021. We are experiencing material delays to finish the project due to Covid.
2.      Will the grass be fixed when the work is complete or in the fall? 
Procom: Any grass repairs needed will be completed next spring when the project is completed. 
3. When will it be up and running in our homes? 
Procom: Sometime between November and March. 
4. Will we be provided all new, updated equipment for cable and internet?
Procom: The equipment for the fiber will be installed on the outside of your home and cable modems will be removed. 
5. Will there be a change in the price structure for both cable and internet service?  
Procom: Your internet will be upgraded to 30mg X 30mg at no additional cost. You can upgrade to faster speeds (see web site for that pricing).

~ Photos of Blizzard ~
If you missed the Blizzard of 2016- Check out Highline's "Community Photos" navigation page to see pictures of the homes in Highline blanketed with snow. Please post and share your pictures! 

~ Meeting Dates for 2022 ~
All Members are welcome to join the Board Meetings. The teleconference call-in number information is on the “Financials” navigational link.
Quarterly Board Meeting- 2022
         Saturday 1/22 4:00 P.M.
·       Thursday 4/21 8:00 P.M
·       Thursday 7/21  8:00 P.M
·       Thursday 10/20 8:00 P.M
Special Board Meeting - Sept 27 at 8:30 PM
2022 Annual Members Meeting
Date to be determined

~ Surveys ~

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~ History of Overlook Pass Accepted into Garrett County Road System ~
Overlook Pass
Posted on Nov 19th, 2015
The Garrett County Commissioners voted unanimously on November 5, 2015 to accept Overlook Pass into the Public Road System.
The newspaper is incorrect when they state that the Wisp Resort contribution is $200,000.00.
The actual amounts in the agreement are:
  1. $100,000.00 from owners of properties on Marsh Mountain (Required if in the Master)
  2. $50,000.00 from NLP (National Land Partners) Developers on Marsh Mountain
  3. $50,000.00 from Wisp Resort
The Highline Association is not required to contribute, as they are not included in the Master Association, but Highline Members may personally contribute. All contributions from Highline Members will go towards reducing the contributions from their neighboring communities' members. For instructions on personally contributing go to "Contact Us" on the Navigation Link.
Deep Creek Lake- Vacation Rental Destinations in 2015
Posted on Oct 28th, 2015
Deep Creek Lake Named One of TripAdvisor’s 30 Rising Vacation Rental Destinations in 2015
  McHenry in Garrett County, Maryland has been named  by TripAdvisor as one of thirty rising vacation rental destinations in 2015. The list is made of the top 30 destinations who experienced “huge jumps in vacation rental interest on TripAdvisor from 2014 to 2015.” Along with McHenry, the list includes such notable destinations as Gatlinburg, Tennessee; The Adirondacks, New York; St. Petersburg, Florida; South Lake Tahoe, California; Smoky Mountains, North Carolina; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Flagstaff, Arizona; Killington, Vermont; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Catskill Region, New York; and Nags Head, North Carolina.

~ News ~
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